Another January 8th means another successful cruise around the sun, and I am extremely grateful not just for life, but for LIVING!!!

The last year rocked the world so much, that one might seek to wrap 2021 in bubble-wrap. But you can’t LIVE life, being afraid of it.

Like everyone else, 2020 was a difficult year for me. I spent the first half being deathly ill and bed ridden, and the next half executing my biggest, and most challenging project to date – KING OF BOYS 2. But in between these two shocking realities, 2020 also showed me how important “community” is. How crucial it is to have “safe spaces”… and how important it is to have “sister-keepers”.

When I started KING WOMEN years ago, the plan was to broaden the vision and create not just a channel catered to producing content that empowers and enriches women, but a universe that encourages women to find that spark within them. A universe that caters to the mind, body and spirit of the “sisterhood”. A community that encourages and lifts up, rather than drags down. A world where women can have honest, authentic, forward driven conversations, and share resources. 

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